: Pregunta :

There are some questions that shouldn’t be asked until a person is mature enough to appreciate the answers-

We are made up of many “things,” so are our handy gadgets, fancy cars, spiffy shoes, colorful yoga mats and ridiculously expensive bikes – A bunch of cells and molecules blended craftily together. If there’s a major distinction to be pointed out between us and these cherished inanimate objects, it’s that we tactile beings are blessed with the ability to feel our emotions and to communicate them to others. Or do we?!?

While we have the ability to express our emotions to others, sometimes – most of the time, we don’t always do it when we desperately need to. It’s important to pause and ask why every once in a while. As you may have noticed in my recent posts, I have been asking myself “why” quite a bit of late. I do so because we live in social media/hyper connected world that tells us, don’t feel upset,” or don’t feel sad, don’t worry, and to “Be brave and stand tall” when adversity graces our lives. It’s also important to remember that the world we live in has a double-edge sword, waiting patiently to chop our heads off when our emotions sway the opposite direction, when we boast and brag about a new gadget, personal best and buying a new bike. The net result of all of “this,” is one sad but brutally true underlying message – Stop being and don’t feel anything.

Daily Meditation:

My posts of late have been painfully tedious for one important reason: I’m starting to make a habit of honoring myself and you, each and every day. One last question before we part ways this morning: Before you click “publish, “like” or post anything online … Is there a moment where you think about the ramifications of your action(s), a moment where you stop being and fail to feel anything?!?

CultFit Being

10 Comments on “: Pregunta :”

  1. I take a 20 min “blackout” time when my son runs into the shops to get groceries. I meditate in my car 🙂 Great post!. When I get to a point of melt-down – in all my troubles, I know I can live without everything, except my two sons…they keeps me going.

  2. sorry typo there, meant to say they “keep” me going. thank you.

  3. katelon says:

    As you know, I am a pretty “feely” person and also not afraid to reveal my feelings honestly. But I have been attacked for that most of my life and grew up with parents telling me to stuff everything….then wondered why I grew up with severe asthma and digestive issues 🙂

  4. bgddyjim says:

    First, you know I’m pretty stoked about my semi-ridiculously expensive bike. However, there is a deeper meaning behind that joy – being an ex-one step from the gutter-drunk, that was the first big thing (over a grand) that I didn’t have to finance. That bike signifies that 22 years of living a life of patience, tolerance and rigorous honesty has WAY paid off. Now to the feeling part. I don’t do emotions well. If you think of a roller coaster, I was always way up or way down… The drop or rise tended to be very quick. Unfortunately, there were times where I didn’t have enough steam to crest the next hill so I’d roll back down. Living sober, I was taught to smooth out the roller coaster a bit – not too high and not too low, just above average with rollers thrown in for excitement. This was a great key to happiness for me. I try to stick with that and I do well. Get off the reservation and I’m pooched. Make sense?

    Have a fantastic rest of the week and a great weekend my friend.

  5. sittingpugs says:

    Sometimes I feel nothing and everything all at once.

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