Positive : Balance :

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free-

The way in which our environment conditions us is more prevalent, and dare I say – perverse, than we appreciate. This topic is wide-ranging and fairly dense with meaning and purpose. In order to present it to you openly, and with an honest heart? We need to look into the dark areas of our souls.

Seldom do we realize that the appearance of unnatural looking/tasting and pretty benign “things,” like the latest carbon fiber/electronic shifting bikes, chestnut praline latte’s, yoga mats and attire, tasteless candy, processed food, and trendy running attire owe their tantalizing properties to the way in which we are conditioned. The way in which the environment we live in shapes our behavior – no drool or droll needed, well maybe just a little?!? I caught myself recently lusting over a new Stevens Super Prestige Disc CX bike for no apparent reason other than it looks like good sex. Why is this so? I have some nice bikes already The same holds true for other savory objects, such a new the colorful yoga mat for the aspiring yogi, an empty Starbucks cup for the coffee connoisseur , and new shoes for the runners lurking out there.

What scares my personally and as a society, is that, as sophisticated as this conditioning may seem, much of it is mediated unconsciously to us, beneath the nadir of our conscious and awareness.

Daily Meditation:

Why do I desire a new pair of Brooks running shoes, when I can’t even run? This is really scary!

CultFit Balance

17 Comments on “Positive : Balance :”

  1. mishedup says:

    “Why do I desire a new pair of Brooks running shoes, when I can’t even run? This is really scary!”
    That IS really scary, but it also made me laugh right out loud, and thank you for that.We are so conditioned to want bigger, better, brighter!!, and that indoctrination starts so young, it really is disheartening.
    All we can do is call it out, gently, when we see it, and work our hardest to not fall into those traps ourselves I certainly have less of a problem with new bikes and running shoes than cigarettes or alcohol ads directed at a particular demographic, or ads for hamburgers that are basically soft porn..but it all springs from that same place of what the market will bear and what our own insecurities will accept.
    Sometimes I feel like cranky Howard Beall, screaming from a window..”I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”. And sometimes I want those hot running shoes, even when I don’t run either.
    I guess we do our best.

  2. katelon says:

    I have realized that I love color…no black and white for me. I love various textures and feeling things. So when “things” catch my eye, I see that I’m responding to the colors, the textures and the desire to acquire those things moves away. Nature is so full of these colors and textures, just being there naturally for everyone with no need for me to acquire it. Living on the road for over 2 years with only what is in my car, certainly helps curtail my desire to acquire 🙂

  3. gymclasseshero says:

    Great post. Well timed. You’re absolutely right.

  4. tracymartin says:

    Maybe, deep down, you want to be a runner?.?.

    • CultFit says:

      Deep down, I was seduced by running, winning and competing. I tossed aside the true loves of my life – Family, friends, yoga and cycling … To run – to win at all costs. Why? Winning, podium finishes, being that “dude” who can run effortlessly … Came at a grave cost. Training harder to win more often, to stay on top of my game and ahead of the pack. Ignoring the feedback my aching body had been providing for years. For what? A first place medal and a $100 gift certificate to a local running store – That’s what. You know what’s really sad and pathetic!?! Being 39 years old, 4 microfracture surgeries on each knee (Google this if you are bored this morning …) and not being able to run after and play with my Son.
      I hope this answered your question.

  5. Maia says:

    So no more chestnut praline latte and no new yoga mat??
    … … …
    Nuh uh 😉

  6. moi says:

    Really like that picture, cold landscapes have a great appeal to them. Is the image chosen because it holds a deep fear for you or another reason? Also I am not so sure a coffee connoisseur would go to Starbucks.

    I like nice shiny things too, the perceived better quality of say Hennessey Paradis over Hennessey XO or the thousands of pounds you could spend on a Rolex or other similar watch pulls us in, the conditioning that the more you pay the better it is may sometimes be true but not to the extent that the price tag would have us believe.

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