Alone : Together :

I can hardly wait for tomorrow, it means a new life for me each and every day-

Where were we?!? Equanimity and Happiness are temporary mood state(s) that can’t be achieved by flipping an inner switch, which I like to call – Will power. The delicate aspects of equanimity and happiness that we can control, is about what we consciously choose to focus on – The way in which we shine our attention upon the good “things” in our lives.

Sadly, we are pressured and guilted into resolutions by social media and society as a whole. Buried in the sweeping negative thoughts, the sadness and depression that come with resolutions unfilled Is being grateful. We are too distracted with our FitBit stats and marathon training plans to notice how we are goaded into being too ambitious with our delicate souls. Simply being grateful for our health, simply being, awakens us to the idea of nurturing ourselves and not mindlessly causing harm with addictive New Years resolutions.

Daily Meditation:

As the temperature gradually gets colder outside, I feel fortunate to be able to shut out the cold north winds, the driving snow, grateful to take shelter in your warm hearts.

CultFit Grateful

8 Comments on “Alone : Together :”

  1. diawalker says:

    Very insightful…(and a beautiful pic!)

  2. CeeJayKay says:

    🙂 i love it!!!

  3. ckrupski says:

    January may be a better month for reflections rather than resolutions. :). Thanks, as always, for your words!

  4. Thank you for the thoughts. Grateful for shelter, grateful for health, grateful for flexibility in life. Wishing the same for you.

  5. moi says:

    I love the white and blue steel look to this early morning. As a new day begins afresh you walk barefoot along the beach, your path visible as imprints in the wet sand, no one else is around you, the gentle lapping of water on the sand. Enjoy the silence.

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