In – Tention

It is more Important to be of pure intention than of perfect action-

I spend a fair amount of time ruminating why I’m struggling with my “performance” when others, clearly are not. I tend to think my poor “performance” is karmic retribution (whatever this is) for some bad deed in the past, and this bad deed is the sole reason why I stink, suck – Why I am continuously sore and injured – Why I had a bad race, or whatever we say after stinking up the joint! When I look outward for answers, I view karma through a stained prism, as a spiritual judicial system, where I am forced to suffer based on some bad deed I can’t even remember that happened 24 years ago Or maybe it was ten minutes Pardon me as I look it up on my phone.

As loosely defined by yours truly: Karma is about the nature of our intentions, our intention(s) in this beautiful, inspiring moment. To explore a tad deeper, think of our actions as having two distinct attributes. Let’s use riding a bike as an example: Pure Behavior and our Intention behind said behavior.  What matters to forming our true-self  is not the “pure behavior” that makes up our action but our intention in engaging in that action. It pays to remember, as the Buddha said: Intention is Karma.

Consider for a moment taking your bike out for a spin early one brisk, Fall morning. Our “pure behavior” equals throwing a leg over the top tube and smiling, not necessarily in that order. However, the intention behind this action could be to simply surrender to the moment, being compassionate and generous to those we encounter during our travels – or – It could be to show ill-will toward others on the trail, cruelty to your body for training too hard, or being greedy Chasing down another podium finish.

Daily Meditation:

Some Dude (Buddha) once said many moons ago, “Intending, one does karma My intention Dear Reader(s) Is to return to my true self: To show more compassion, to be generous and most importantly (to me): To be kind.

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6 Comments on “In – Tention”

  1. katelon says:

    Yes to more kindness, self love, compassion toward self!!!!

  2. Sandra says:

    Agreed. Lighten up, eh? 😉 Because it’s just that easy! LOL! Seriously though.

    Now that Triathlon season is over, I don’t have to push myself too hard. Because I’m older and did not start competing (I MEAN participating) until my mid 40s, I have an excuse not to push to hard. Right? I’m old. No one expects me to do great. Plus I’m overweight. Double “off the hook”. Because of that, I can have more fun than thin, buff, younger people that people expect to be talented, good, fast, etc. I used to think of this is a curse
    “I’ll never be good.”
    “I’ll never be first, hell, I will always fight NOT to be last!”
    etc. etc. etc.

    But now I realize this it the best time in the world for me. I can still do all of these things WITHOUT the pressure of people expecting me to be good because, well, I don’t look like I could be good. I claim this as a blessing now. I can surprise them if I want, or not. Depends on how I feel, hard how I want to work at it (don’t get me wrong, I want to improve my times from past seasons!).

    So yesterday, for the first time in almost 2 weeks of being sick, I had enough energy to get on my bike and ride for fun. My first “fun” ride on the trails for, um, well, a LONG time. I breathed the air. I watched the turkeys run across the trail in front of me. I peered through the trees and saw the almost ready-to-be-harvested cornfields. I smiled at people who passed us (both ways). I just smiled the entire way. I don’t think we even made it to 11 mph, but we had F-U-N. It was GLORIOUS.

    On the way home, the huge moon had come up directly in line with the road we traveled home. We ooooed and awed at its beauty, magnificence, and marveled at the amazing time we had just had. Together. Outside. Riding our bikes.

    I wish that for you, my friend.

    • CultFit says:

      Its moments like these, peaceful – calm moments in the early morning. Where I am able to sit back and be thankful, without the hustle and bustle of daily life unfolding around me … Thankful for close friends. Kind, compassionate friends – Such as yourself 🙂
      Little dude and I went for a fun ride last night and it was exactly what I needed – Thank you for the reminder. Slightly off topic: Have you seen a turkey fly? My goodness I thought we were under some pre-Thanksgiving attack last night 😉

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