The Raspberries in My Driveway

The raspberries
in my driveway
have always
been here
(for the whole eleven years
I have owned
but have not owned
this house),
I have never
tasted them

Always on a plane.
Always in the arms
of man, not God,
always too busy,
too fretful,
too worried
to see
that all along
are red, red raspberries
for me to taste.

Shiny and red,
without hairs—
unlike the berries
from the market.
Little jewels—
I share them
with the birds!

On one perches
a tiny green insect.
I blow her off.
She flies!
I burst the raspberry
upon my tongue.

In my solitude
I commune
with raspberries,
with grasses,
with the world.

The world was always
there before,
but where
was I?

Ah raspberry—
if you are so beautiful
upon my ready tongue,
what wonders
lie in store
for me!

– Erica Jong

CultFit Drive

10 Comments on “The Raspberries in My Driveway”

  1. This is beautiful – and timely. This year new vines sprang up on my hillside. I was prepared to have the poison ivy removed (“leaves of 3 let them be” thinking) when my sister pointed out I had been gifted by nature with raspberries.

  2. In the Stillness of Willow Hill says:

    I share in this feeling of suddenly waking up to such “new” and wondrous surroundings. I see people’s faces and eyes now. Beautiful.

    • CultFit says:

      Similar experience … I spent much of my life head and eyes down, tuning out this amazing world. All it took was a friend to ask “why” 🙂

  3. Oh raspberries warm from the vine! I know their sweetness now as well. How many other treasures in our lives go unnoticed?

    • CultFit says:

      Far too many sadly … Picking raspberries and berries in general has always been a “special” thing for me. Although many of them never quite made the journey home – Who can resist freshly picked berries?!? 😉
      May your heart be filled with warmth this lovely Friday morning, take care!

  4. Mike says:

    Poetic piquancy. Nice work.

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