: Diferente :

Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing-

In our constantly connected – Strava – King of the Mountain – always on the run world, we are expected to perform better each and every day. Faster and farther than the day prior, and in many disciplines, we are rewarded for our speed. However, I have found out that it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve the right objectives, if  we are not clear on what success really looks like, the dedication and sacrifices required.

The greatest hockey player of all time Wayne Gretzky (Joe Sakic is a close second) once said after loosing in the 82-83 Stanley Cup finals to the more experienced New York Islanders “… They won and they’re wounded. We lost and we are fine …

Sometimes we come up with these grandiose ideas that appear like winning solutions from afar. The temptation to sprint off of the treadmill to qualify for Boston, the enthusiasm of showing up and competing early one morning, and the passion we have for our chosen discipline, can and will get the better of us. It truly is only a matter of time. Being powered by our emotions and energy can be a wonderful time in our fleeting lives, as this energy can launch us to quickly achieve milestones once thought impossible, allowing us to charge through and over the obstacles that were lying on our path.

Invariably, though, emotion can only take us so far in life, we start slowing down, injuries start to visit more frequently, and then these obstacles come along, and stop us dead in our tracks.

Stuck, we might not know how to take the next step, or know even what the next step is 

Daily Meditation:

Like first time triathletes who start too fast, leisurely 5k folks who run at breakneck speeds off of the starting line, cyclist who envision themselves on the podium before half way We risk running into a wall that is truly debilitating. Although, when we pause to breathe, honor ourselves, smile, embrace the moment instead of the outcome? This is when the obstacles in life, fall off of our path!

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7 Comments on “: Diferente :”

  1. During my recent marathon I took the time to look around and enjoy the landscape and ocean. I also appreciated the salty air, the smell of sweet grass and lilacs in people’s yards. I was there for the experience and not a PR, so I wanted to experience my surroundings.

    • CultFit says:

      Dude – You so get what I have been beating to a pulp over here! Since early May I have been writing more about enjoying the experience, rather than what the “perfect experience” may be … I know that does not make much sense. Over this time I performed an experiment on myself, which I will be writing about soon – What I did was mountain bike racing, something I stopped doing since my body stopped cooperating with me. I hope you enjoy the posts coming up, they are a bit more personal and revealing. At the end of the day, it truly is more about enjoying the moment than anything else.

      • Looking forward to it. I was just trading notes with another blogger about revealing yourself on your blog.
        We were talking about how people see you only from the perspective of the part of the day you writer about.
        We often write about our goals and runs etc. Not so much about poopy diapers, no food to make super with or a boss who is a crank. You know – the real world.
        It is always interesting to learn more about a writer from those more reflective and revealing pieces.
        When I write those kinds of posts they usually tumble out all by themselves. When I am writing just what i feel, there is very little need for editing.
        It’s funny that you mention the “perfect experience”. I think last weekend was one of them. The thing about perfect experiences is that you cannot plan them and I usually do not know that I am experiencing one until it is over.
        They do exist, but they just happen.

  2. I’m the blogger imarunner mentioned. He told me to come over here and check this out. I love this piece. I gave up training for PRs last year. I was getting injured trying to go faster, and I started to hate running. What I loved about running was seeing the sights, running with my dog and stopping to chat with people I met. I’m going back to that- complete with walk breaks. In the end is it worth losing all that to shave 6 seconds off my time. Who cares?

    • CultFit says:

      I am truly humbled, thank you, so much for visiting my blog-o-thing. And what this blog is all about? Is passionate, caring and dedicated folks – such as yourself!

      I have written a lot in the past about what you spoke about – harming our bodies and spirit in order to save a few fleeting seconds on a run. But you get this, which is beautiful and inspiring, not to mention – pretty damn cool!

      May your heart be filled with happiness this afternoon, take care and please be well. 🙂

  3. CultFit says:

    ” … if you don’t clearly understand what your REAL desired outcome is…how will you know when you achieve it?”

    I absolutely love this!

    • katelon says:

      We often think/feel we are going after one outcome when really there is a deeper outcome we are yearning after. Plus, we don’t tend to celebrate our successes, just jump into the next goal, so again, that leaves us not feeling like we ever achieve our desires.

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