Moose in the Morning

Oh wild and gentle beast,
Immense antlered shape,
This morning in the meadow!
Like something ancient, lost
And found now, promise kept,
Emerging from the shadow,
Emerging while I slept—
Wilderness and escape!
You set me free to shirk
The day’s demanding work
And cast my guilt away.
You make a truant of me
This moose-enchanted day
When all I can is see,
When all I am is this
Astonishment and bliss.

May Sarton

CultFit Tilt

4 Comments on “Moose in the Morning”

  1. ckrupski says:

    Loved your past 2 posts. So nature inspired. I often walk alone in the woods or other natural settings, it is a perfect meditation for me, but never thought to also practice yoga ( loved your made up poses) outside. I will add this to my practice.
    Often when I am out early, I see a fox, a coyote, deer, Sandhillcranes in Gibbon Ne-thrill your heart-and once in Alaska, yes a moose. Life can be strung with perfect moments such as these. Thanks for the reminder!

    • CultFit says:

      Its always a pleasure having you over, and thank you for your continued support. I’ll have to share with you a few of my favorite spots in Omaha to practice outdoors … For me, my deepest, most spiritual moments are created outside the walls of a yoga studio – Be sure to twist my arm to let you know where these spots are or you could simply say: “Dos mojitos por favor” … I hope you and your family have a brilliant weekend – Take care!

  2. Amanda says:

    Seeing a moose could go unnoticed by some, but you’ve captured how connecting with nature really can bring astonishment and bliss! Love it.

    • CultFit says:

      May Sarton has the ability as a writer to capture into words, many of life’s most tender and beautiful moments 🙂
      I hope you ave a great weekend – Take care!

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