Tomorrow Comes Today

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts-

I love practicing yoga, alone, mid ride in an open field or a hidden park off the trail. I love the way these quiet moments make me feel spiritually, mentally and physically. I love returning to my breath after a spirited sprint, the practice of mindfulness after being harassed in traffic. I love improvising poses outside of  a yoga studio – Getting creative and inventing new poses like: Sore Back/Hips 1 and 2, old man standing on one leg pose, picking ear wax pose, happy cyclist pose many poses, all of them good, even when they become challenging

There is this one intricate pose though that I just can’t get seem to get my spirit around, metaphorically and my heart around, literally. That pose is called Tadasana. Tadasana is infinitely easy if you your mind likes to wander hither and yon, like mine does. Tadasana is extremely difficult for me to surrender to during a mid ride yoga session, and extremely embarrassing to watch if you’re looking at me from the swings.

Being the forgetful* dude that I am. I avoided Tadasana, altogether, or I would fleeting pass through it – swiftly moving into old dude bending over in a park early one morning pose.

Suddenly I remember a few words a dear friend recently shared with me: Return to you – Return to your breath.

We become stronger, more confident, when we not only face the difficult “things” in our lives, but embrace them.

Daily Meditation:

As unmasculine as this may sound, Tadasana has become my best cycling buddy, well second to riding with my Son.

CultFit Luck

8 Comments on “Tomorrow Comes Today”

  1. I love that you improvise yoga poses- great idea. Yoga is such a gift to ourselves.

  2. katelon says:

    And what does this particular yoga pose look like?

  3. Another good example of “it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it-asana.” 😉

  4. JennyO says:

    rof, happy cyclist pose, ahh you gave me a much needed smile over my coffee.

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