Fisticuffs at Dawn

Only idiots fail to contradict themselves three times a day-

All the talk on the blog-o-sphere and down at the local bodega, is that everyone is “practicing” mindfulness and becoming spiritual folks. Sounds pretty cool to me!

While any sparkly toe dipped in the practice of “spiritual” awareness is beneficial, there is a trend in mindfulness, which will interfere with and obstruct the full power of a gentle mindfulness practice.

Without awareness of this “trend“, we spend years lost, wandering in yet another prison of our ego, another trap of the mind, and as a result; We miss out on the real gifts mindfulness practice so gently brings us. Mindfulness is trendy, it’s hip and its cool. This is fantastic news! Although, we must be careful that like other trends, mindfulness does not get swallowed up in the next stream of CrossFit, Flavor of the month Yoga, Fixie Bikes and enjoying a Gluten Free lifestyle.

This is why I am worried, and writing these pedantic, bloviated posts of late: These new  -mindful folks- are becoming yet another form of their already, inflated ego(s). Prideful and Mindful do not play in the sandbox of life together – Kindly.

With mindfulness on the trendy “social media” radar?!? We cannot afford to miss the chance to change what this powerful practice can reveal to us: Who and How we are, and simply … Being.

Daily Meditation:

Embracing mindfulness is a solid step along our paths in life. However, don’t rest quite yet, and don’t congratulate yourself yet either. For there is still much work to be done

*Part two of this nauseating post will be posted this Friday*

CultFit Dawn

20 Comments on “Fisticuffs at Dawn”

  1. Love the title of this post!

  2. katelon says:

    I didn’t find your post nauseating. I just responded to your response to my comment on your post yesterday. A memory came up of being in a hot tub in Sedona, near sunset, at a time share place I’d rented for a couple nights. I had rented the space to be alone to harness the energies of the particularly powerful time it was that day. So I had hoped to have the hot tub and view to myself.

    When I got to the hot tub there was a small group of people carrying on a non-stop conversation about their gluten free diets. They sounded so smug about it all, that even though I knew they were attempting to do something good for their health, I wondered if they really knew anything about real healthy eating, or was it just because gluten free was the latest trend.

    i closed my eyes, took in the hot water, the feel of the evening coming on, tuned out the conversation and quickly, they all got up and left, so I was able to enjoy the sunset alone in the warmth.

  3. i have to agree with you on this. i always feel annoyed when i see people rushing off to try the next fad and them it’s forgotten a couple of months later as they move on to the next big thing. they don;t realise how unhealthy it is and what they are missing out on by simply sticking with a few simple ideas and bringing them fully into their lives.

    • CultFit says:

      We can learn a lot when we take the time to slow down and immerse ourselves in an activity – no matter what it may be. Normally I brush these stories off without a second glance or thought … Mindfulness, when we fully surrender to ourselves – our true spirit? The opportunities that await us are truly amazing! This part irks me: We can apply mindfulness to anything – fixing a bike to turning a wrench on a car. Yoga, running, writing, lifting weighs and moving them around – literally anything. When we get caught up in fad’s and trends? We miss the point, entirely.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts today, may your heart be filled with warmth and happiness – Take care!

  4. dianadomino says:

    Mindfulness can be cultivated, but I agree that pridefulness and mindfulness do not play in the sandbox kindly. Choosing to be mindful of the world around one, the life existing everywhere, the blue of the sky, the feel of being in ones own skin, this is all good. What is not good is the judgmental attitude that sometimes comes with that. Mindfulness should, in my opinion, begin in humility and work out from there. When one imagines the speck of nothing the very planet is in the expanse of just the solar system/galaxy/universe, ones mind can quickly bounce back into a mindful posture.

    I do not find your blog distasteful, prideful, selfish, judgmental. I find it helps enlighten and open my mind to thoughtfulness.

    Thank you. ^_^

    • CultFit says:

      I’m humbled, each and every time you stop over – Thank you! You touch on a key point I have often written about: Humility and simply being in awe of the beautiful world around us. It is my hope, my only wish, that many other cool folks take the time to pause and listen … To the rhythm of their own hearts. 🙂

  5. bgddyjim says:

    Down with the bullies! Great post brother.

  6. Eva Schiffer says:

    Thanks for making me realize I am not an idiot. I love your measurement (of contradicting yourself at least three times a day) 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      Thank you, immensely, for stopping over and leaving a kind comment! The quote is from a cool dude back in the day – Nietzsche – and I feel it captures the spirit of my posts of late! Be well this afternoon and please take care. 🙂

  7. gapark says:

    I like this post, but where is part 2? I’m trying to practice “mindfulness” but am worried about all the hype as well. Am I doing it “right’? I just can’t seem to get into the habit of deliberate meditation time. Thanks for following me…Gail @ Making Life An Art

    • CultFit says:

      Found it for you!
      It can be tricky to find the time solely dedicated to mediation practice. Which is why embracing mindfulness truly is important, and between you and I – Who cares how you go about doing it! Mindful mediation is deeply personal and unique, to each one of us. As long as you are aware, bring stillness to your thoughts and heart? That’s a pretty cool start. Soon enough and with a deepening sense of self love – You’ll notice you don’t have to make time, you simply are – Being. 🙂

      May your heart be filled with warmth and happiness, be well!

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