O morro não tem vez

I know you’re tired but come, this is the way-

Moment of unfettered honesty: Writing and discussing the concepts of Seva, Karma Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation are seemingly tedious and self-serving. I acknowledged and respect, that I  have ‘turned off’ and alienated many of you taking the time to read today, talking about “New Age” voodoo bullsh!t.

It occurred to me recently, standing in line at Whole Foods, scanning the trendy magazines, as I placed a pound and a half of ground buffalo on the conveyor  How I noticeably cringe at the idea of sounding –New Age- Spiritual – Holistic – Whatever. I noticed how hard I work not to be seen as “Whatever” in any way.

The “thing” is, I know what I dislike about the “Whatever” stereotype(s) – it’s not the practice or the flavor of the month yoga asanas that are being taught – but how they are being presented to us. Take a look around you at the natural foods store.

Why is our culture obsessed with outward actions instead of using “Whatever” as a framework of inward exploration? I recall a conversation before yoga class and hearing a fellow class member saying, “I always wanted to learn how to meditate and now that “society” thinks it’s okay – I’m going to do it.

These twenty words made me pause and think, how the setting within which we are exposed to “something” can be both deterring and supportive, and the way in which we are exposed plays an important role.

Daily Meditation:

There is “Whatever” for everyone.

SevaKarma YogaMindfulness and Meditation provide a means for myself to investigate my mind, maybe “Whatever” then, is perhaps, something each one of us can benefit from in this “vanity clad” oriented culture we marinate ourselves in.

CultFit New

5 Comments on “O morro não tem vez”

  1. Maia says:

    We somehow were led to believe that the need to blend in is a way to survive. Then small enlightenments come into play and we are attracted to them – much like a curiosity over something we seem unable to get out of our system. Because in truth, it is part of our system, this tads of enlightenment. Yet the need to blend in suppresses this inner curiosity.

    Remember that awesome question… ‘How flow can you go?’

    It is sad when most people prefer to blend in than flow on their own. =)

  2. katelon says:

    There are some VERY funny you tubes out there, “Shit New age girls say” and I have to admit that many of the phrases have come out of my mouth. There are times also when i am in the midst of some public ceremony, some event, etc. and I step back and listen to the conversations as an observer and realize why so many people make fun of those of us into holistic, alternative, spiritual ways.

    At the same time, I am presently involved at the moment on a forum that includes not only other people into these things, but the opposite, a large group of right wing FOX news, impeach Obama and the dems conservative ranters. And I regularly cringe at their statements.

    I have lived these beliefs of mine since early childhood as they were my experiences, not something taught or seen as fashionable, so for me it is important to just be true to me! It is unfortunate that perhaps many jump on these beliefs, practices and words as the latest trend. But perhaps, through the trend, they are then introduced to it and pull it in deeper into a more core lifestyle. I see that as a good thing. And those who are into it just as the latest trend will just move on to the next greatest thing.

    There might always be people who espouse a word/habit/activity to be seen as keeping up with trends, but for me, that doesn’t discount the value in that word/habit/activity. And I can’t judge those who do seem to just be skimming the surface of it to fit into the latest hip thing, as everyone has to start somewhere.

    Even advertising itself, can be a good thing because it spreads the good word 🙂 so perhaps others can learn of a new way.

    • CultFit says:

      I could not agree with you anymore! Part of the reason I wrote the post today, is that I am growing tired of being told how society thinks I should feel. After re-reading my words again this evening, I missed the mark on a very in-depth and diverse topic. I keep going back to something I wrote a long time ago … Be Authentic – Be You. 🙂

    • katelon says:

      I understand your frustration with society telling us how we should feel, but like I said in my first reply, that very front page screaming about the newest, latest whatever, might just be what draws the next person into exploring something that becomes the cornerstone of their life.

      I have to admit that i have judged some people harshly when they seem to just be using the lingo or getting involved in something just to be doing the newest “in” thing, but perhaps they really are enjoying it and will go deeper with it in the future.

      I have fond memories of the time I regularly rented break dance movies and attempted to learn to breakdance :))

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