If Only (for) a Moment

Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens-

Often in my writing, I’ve mentioned my thoughts about nature and exploring the world outdoors. For me, there are few things as inspiring as gazing at a white tail fawn taking a drink from a stream or witnessing someone riding along on a trail with the wind dancing in the leaves, the branches of the willow trees playing a velvety note

Do you have a space that sings to your heart as much if not more now than in the past? What created the change for you?

When I finish a long ride, I often sit and gaze out at the view I had come to love one last time. Then, suddenly I take notice the bluest of Blue Jays confidently perched in a nearby oak tree. In all my years of being outside, looking, I had never seen his equal, in both color and presence. I watched him for what seemed like a long time, seconds in all actuality … and then he dropped from his perch, hurtling at top speed toward the earth before catching a gentle breeze and ascending to the tree tops.

I sat in this spot for a long while, appreciating the gift nature generously brought it to me. In this moment I traveled back through the years, the many miles I have ridden, run, walked To the many opportunities that nature had presented kindly to me. Often I answered, more times than naught I didn’t.


Driving to work this morning, gazing at a different face of natures beautiful presence. I’m reminded of the Blue Jay I recently met and the message he shared with me. We are here only for a moment, surrender to it.

Be well and have an A1 day!

CultFit Waves

12 Comments on “If Only (for) a Moment”

  1. mariavlong says:

    I’ve had a rendezvous with a young doe twice in row. She let’s me “instagram” her and then ambles on! It is good fortune and a blessing to have unpaved ground close by.

  2. mariavlong says:

    I’ve had a rendezvous with a young doe twice in a row. She lets me “instagram’ her and then ambles on. it is good fortune and a blessing to have unpaved ground nearby.

    • CultFit says:

      Instagram huh? 😉 You are spot on in regards to it being a blessing having unpaved ground nearby, I don’t believe I would enjoy it any other way. Take care today!

  3. Susan says:

    I don’t know why, but I read this wrong and thought you were quoting “It Only Takes a Moment” off Hello Dolly. I read the rest of this post with “Hellllooo Dolly…why helllooo Dolly” ringing in my head. Just had to share that…

    Anyway, about a month ago, my husband and I saw a mother doe with her freshly (HuBs said it’d probably been born in the past 24 hours) born babe. It was teetering and she just kept putting her head against it for support. It was beautiful.

    • CultFit says:

      Full disclosure: I had to use the old Google Machine to look up “Hello Dolly” 🙂
      Moments like the one you kindly shared are amazing, I simply can not get enough of them. I hope the start of the week for you is going nicely, who turned up the heat around here? Take care today!

  4. Maia says:

    Awesome reflections! I find my space only when I practice. I’ve to make space somewhere else. It’s needed to live. Else we only survive the days.

    Love the photos from Saturday! Can’t say I’m envious with the heat. We are having the muggiest weather here. Glad you spent that day happily. =)

    • CultFit says:

      My reflections are rather mundane and boring at times, nothing too exciting or crazy. 😉 Blue Jays and deer … Not cool to talk about right?!?

      Its the humidity, it sucks the energy right out of you in a moments notice. I hope you have a little spot to chill out and escape the heat! Saturday was awesome, the best part was finishing up in time to go out to a nice dinner after at a new restaurant we have been trying to go to forever. Every once in awhile “things” just seem to fall into place for no reason at all … Take care today and stay cool – literally and figuratively. 🙂

      • Maia says:

        Broiling, but cool yogini right here! Why would you say blue jays and deer are boring?? Listen to yourself! Then I’ll whack your head for listening to ego. You said from that post – you like it so whatever. Doesn’t matter what others would think of blue jays and deer. When they find them boring, life has a way of turning things around. They’ll get blue poop on their heads or knocked out by a deer. 😉

        I think I do have my space apart from yoga. Guess I keep wanting it to be a bigger space. Why I keep wanting it big and forgetting the value whatever size the space is… you can whack my head, too for listening to my ego. x p

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