Compassion is a verb-

How does one go about distancing themselves from the prior two days posts? I suppose we could choose to ignore them or we can all come together for a big group hug and show some compassion towards ourselves and others?!? Just a thought …

Self compassion is at the very root of empowerment, learning, and our inner geek strength. When we choose to embrace self compassion, we value ourselves not because we’ve judged ourselves positively and others negatively but because we are equally deserving of care and concern just like everyone else. Self compassion means treating ourselves as we would a close friend or better yet, our spouse and kids! Rather than berating, judging, or adding to the dreadful despair, we listen intensively with empathy and understanding, encourage them to remember that mistakes are a normal part of everyday life, and validate their emotions without adding more fuel to the proverbial fire.

Self critical over achievers are not the only ones that lack self-compassion. Some of the kindest folks around do as well. Luckily, self compassion is a process that can be picked up pretty easily. It is a daily practice that can help us all become less self-critical of the world around us, by preventing stress accumulating throughout the day, allowing us to be happier, smiling more and pleasant to be around.

Self compassion never finished a marathon in personal best time or powered through an intense three-hour long power yoga class! What! Got something to say now do you!

Self compassion does not mean we stop rolling up our sleeves and working hard for our goals.  Instead, self compassion is a change in our attitude(s) and is linked with greater personal well-being. Nor does self-compassion imply self-indulgence. For example, a runner who cares about their body and well-being will push harder the days leading up to a rest cycle, no matter how tempted they are not to rest, they do. Similarly, pushing yourself, exploring limits during yoga class may be appropriate in some situations, but in times of over-indulgence? Self compassion involves toughening up and taking responsibility for going too far.


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3 Comments on “Ayuda!”

  1. 11315miles says:

    I’ve never looked at it that way, thanks.

  2. love this… thanks for sharing!

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