Everybody Pass Me By

How many things one should disregard in order to act-

Preface: The post that follows evolved from a discussion between some dude and a highly motivated yoga fashionista/passionate runner …

We see it everywhere: More and more well-intentioned, active people who use “data” to solve the “problems” in their life. More specifically: Using the endless amounts of data we collect from our gadgets to help us run, bike, swim and supposedly live a better more fulfilling life.

Here are a few ideas that have been lost in the space-time continuum, hidden under the centre couch cushion … let me flip it over for you.

My lap times are abysmal! I need to shave off at least ten seconds a lap to compete in my next triathlon!

Look at the “problems” you face not as problems but as challenges. Difficult experiences and situations in life can be excellent opportunities for growth, exploring new possibilities. Most importantly perhaps, do not run (swim) away from your problems. It’s impossible to run away, analyze downloaded data and grow simultaneously.

I’m supposed to get 35-40 miles in per week to maintain my training schedule for my first ultra-marathon this September …

Be gentle, take care and be kind to yourself. As humans, parents, lovers, friends and somewhere way down the list: Athletes .. we always have something that needs a little work, some tweaks here and there and improvements to be made. The process of becoming who we want to be, starts with acceptance of who we are, right now.

Racing in this new age group is rather intimidating. It’s like my 9am yoga class.

By focusing on the right attitude for “life” and paying little attention to differences? We are afforded the ability to carry over lessons we learn within everyday life. Completely accepting of the fact that differences exist between all of us and these differences always will. If we continue to stay focused on what divides us instead of what unites us? Our ego will inflate in such a way that our thoughts will change from being positive to being negative.


Data can be really useful to us, there’s no doubt about it. Although I passionately feel that if we fail to address and discuss: Envy, Shame, Guilt, Pride, Lust, Hatred, and Greed … These emotions lead to a negative emotional state, one that provides little gain, much like the data we use to comfort our soul.

Be well this weekend.

CultFit Rainbow

4 Comments on “Everybody Pass Me By”

  1. Thanks for the reminder that the ‘process of becoming who we want to be starts with the acceptance of who we are right now.’ I really needed to hear (or read) that today. Your blog is always an inspiration to me.

    • CultFit says:

      Thank you so much, I really do appreciate your feedback and support. This topic is really difficult to introduce people to. Its not trendy and its definitely not very cool to talk about 🙂 Take care this weekend and be well.

  2. The process of becoming who we want to be, starts with acceptance of who we are, right now. I have zero gadgets – I run skip and jump until I can’t do it anymore – some days less than others..I am always in the process but for now, I just am. That’s sort of how I live.
    Another great post – thanks for the thoughts.


    • CultFit says:

      Awesome! Quick story that mirrors the great work you have been doing- A friend and I went out for a bike ride yesterday morning and I kindly asked him to leave all the gadgets in the car … Best ride he has had all season long. Please take care today and be inspired!

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