Cult Lógica

What hunger is in relation to food, zest is in relation to life-

Time to spice things up a bit, just a little bit.

It’s amazing what you can discover when you take the time to listen to and awaken your senses …

The Workout-

Let’s start with a nice Dynamic Warm Up: Tumbling, High Knee Skipping, Cartwheels, Broad Jumps, Crawling. Followed by:

90-95% Max Effort Hill Sprints + 10 Perfect Hard Style KB Swings

200+ Swings today, sounds just about right.


Be curios today, be attentive to the fine details of “LIFE” around you. Bertrand Russell once remarked that the commonality amongst all happy people, was that they embracedZest for Life” … We agree.

CultFit Sense

7 Comments on “Cult Lógica”

  1. urbanbeings says:

    brilliant remix, and sprints as well! can’t ask for more, nice one 🙂

  2. RunToInspire says:

    oh i needed that – this weekend I will be embracing the zeft for life, for sure!

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