Little Bit of Sympathy

Life is built up by the sacrifice of the individual to the whole. Each cell in the living body must sacrifice itself to the perfection of the whole; when it is otherwise, disease and death enforce the lesson-

*Part Two*

One of the main themes this year at CultFit has been: Living in the present moment.  Each day, when we share a thought with you … We do so with no expectations.  If you have been fortunate enough to travel around the world or surprisingly been called at work by your kids principle?!?  The joy of traveling to faraway and exotic lands is bundled craftily with the excitement of not knowing what to expect.  Kinda like driving to school …

What in the hell did that little turd do this time!”  <— Driving to school will never be the same.

We are burdened at times by our obsessive compulsive drive towards goals and plans.  Another focus here is:  Keeping a present state of mind.  Plans and goals, be they short-term or long-term, are fine as long as we practice the pivotal Buddhist idea of non-attachment (digest this for a minute peeps).

Our main issue with goals is that in today’s hyper-media-society one becomes obsessed with the “goal“.  However the real freedom is the realization that there are no goals, there is only the Now.

What happens when we wait for a tomorrow that never comes?  All of us have uttered these very words:  The weather today blows!  I’ll wait to run tomorrow.  F**K this sh!t!!!  You want me to drive to gym when it’s freezing outside?  Back to bed for me ...

We all have expectations to fulfill the very goals we honestly set (on a good – convenient day), the night before, when it’s warm and the bottle of Jam Jar has not been opened.  The thing is peeps: YOU and the people around YOU will suffer when the goals you set fail to come to fruition.

A show of hands from the caring Husbands and boyfriends reading today?!?  Anyone … Hello?!?

The Plan-

Where did this MILK COME FROM?

CultFit Party

The Workout-

Freshly Fallen Snow = Cross Country Skiing

After a cup of freshly brewed white chai tea …

CultFit Halo

100 Alternating Goblet Squats

100 KB Halo’s

50 Perfect Pull Ups

Mix and match as you see fit.


If you are committed to breaking the cycle of disappointment in life,  the suffering and sadness when something does not happen as you planned?  Then you will like (hopefully) what you see here at CultFit starting sometime early next month!  Take care this weekend and ENJOY!!!

CultFit Jenna

9 Comments on “Little Bit of Sympathy”

  1. Susan says:

    The last picture made me snort. Yes, snort, because I laughed so hard.

    I’ll look forward to seeing what you guys have in store for the upcoming weeks!

    • CultFit says:

      I’m glad you had a nice, hearty snort this morning! I’ll be changing up the style a bit to pull peeps in with words and actions … Not some random quote from Ms. Jameson. 😉 It will require more awareness and attention from my Dear Readers … Not that you have anything to worry about. 🙂
      Take care this weekend and be sure to go back and click on the Jam Jar link, you will not be disappointed!

  2. I love the Buddhist mindset of non-attachment. Great stuff!

  3. Asuma says:

    Just focusing on the present, and doing the best I can now instead of worrying about tomorrow’s possible failure. Good reminder! Thanks 🙂

  4. LizForADay says:

    It is so easy to be distracted. I guess that would be a great resolution and that is for me focused on the present everyday in 2013. 🙂 Thanks for the idea.

    • CultFit says:

      One of the reasons I regurgitate this same topic over and over … Is me. I am far from perfect and struggle with this everyday. So I guess it’s a new day resolution rather than a New Year’s resolution. 😉

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