Summer Thoughts In a Field of Weeds

The Sage only helps all creatures to find their own nature, But does not venture to lead them by the nose-

Take a look around you this morning and please pay no attention to the wash in the corner.  Each one of you reading today is blessed with the power to start your own Salud Revolución!  Standing in queue at Trader Joe’s or Waitrose?  Walking around the local market comparing yourself to others?  Changing a dirty diaper or even getting a ride in a tow truck …  At any moment we can change how we think , speak and look at our own bodies.

Let today be the day that you don’t allow the scale in the bathroom dictate your mood for the rest of eternity.  Let today be the day while chatting with some old friends during lunch that you talk in a positive fashion about how you view your body.  Finally peeps and we cannot overstate how deeply this next thought resonates with us:  Chin up, you’re inspiring!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Warm Up as you see fit until a thick hardy lather forms all over your body.  Followed by:

50 Goblet Squats (Heavy – Ish)
100m Sprint (Out and Back – Sprint in every sense of the word)
40 KB Hard Style Swings (Find a weight that feels snappy!)
30 Goblet Squats
100m Sprint
20 KB Hard Style Swings
10 Goblet Squats
100m Sprint

Feel free to mix and match the movements as you see fit.  However if you perform this program more than one time through?  The second time you start with the KB swings …


Have we beaten this Life You message into the ground enough over the past month?  Good!  We could really write about this subject for ages … Here’s why:  That little nugget of grey matter between your ears is rather tricky and down right evil at times.  Sabotaging your hard work at each and every turn.  A whole months worth of posts summed up in 16 words …

Meditation: Quiet the mind.  Reflection: Being fully present.  Forgiveness: A starting point.  Hope: YOU are amazing!

We change course and sail against the wind this coming Monday, are you onboard and fully present?!?  Cool … Have a wonderful weekend* peeps and ENJOY!!!

Say hello to Arnulfo Castorena:

**Especially in ‘Merica!!!  The sangria is ready so fire up the grill!!!**

11 Comments on “Summer Thoughts In a Field of Weeds”

  1. sonofwalt says:

    Thanks, I needed that.

  2. urbanbeings says:

    well said 🙂 have an amazing weekend!

  3. […] I suggest you pop on over to CultFit for today’s words of wisdom and workout, it is a cracker […]

  4. That was a lovely post. Thanks a bunch and have a great w/e.

  5. So witty and deep with knowledge.

    Know that the voice that goes through those beautiful lips of yours is super important. ~Gurutej Khalsa

  6. wewerenothing says:

    Wow! Inspirational. Thank you.

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