Life Is Not a Competition …

Creative minds always have been known to survive any kind of bad training-

CultFit is not a competition.  Rather it is focused on your health, healing and adding perspective to your daily fitness diet.  CultFit is also not about becoming fit, fab, toned, flexible, balanced, powerful or turning your 7 of a body into a 10. CultFit is simply about taking care of yourself.  There is nothing to achieve here or to boast about in a random blog-o-post (there are enough of these in your readers this morning).   CultFit is about being Present.  CultFit is not about changing yourself either.  Who says you can’t have a caring, healthy relationship with your body?

The question this morning is: Where do you find your inspiration?  We find ours  by embracing life through the eyes of  a child and providing a message about love and life.  Inspiration can be fine on its own although without creativity it often goes to waste.  The Summer Olympics started yesterday with women’s soccer and a few good matches (Does Japan look good or what?).  Chances are you are going to sit down over the next few weeks to watch some Amazing, Serious, Athletes compete at the highest level.  You will be inspired and moved to go out and do something with your life.  Get back in shape or take up a new sport maybe (Dressage?!?).  The cold hard truth is that you are not an Olympic Athlete, even if you do Cardio Barre Burn and X-Fit 5 days a week.

Be Inspired!  Set some Goals and get Creative (this does not mean do what everyone else is doing).

Photo Hat Tip: National Geographic

The Plan-

If for some remote chance you find yourself in the state of Nebraska or Western Iowa?  Feel empowered to drop us an email to say hello and to claim your ice-cold beverage from our fridge!  You may also want to run up to us and say HI at any of these following events:

Gravel Worlds

Omaha Glow Run

Omaha Triathlon

Omaha Marathon

Big Ring Ranch Enduro

Psycowpath MTB Series

Market to Market Relay

Iowa State Fair  (Fried Food on a stick and Tractor Pulls- ‘Merica F**K YEAH!!!)

Since Uncle Sachmo’s knee is doing a bit better here of late you may also want to email him asking about the TACO RIDE and the world-famous CultFit in a Random Park meetups.

The Workout-

Rest Day

**Not a Skill Day, Mobility Day, Technique Day, Active Recovery Day, Slow Run Day, Foam Rolling Day**

Set down the iPad and listen for once!  Out of all the shitty runs and bad workouts you may have at the “Box” … Rest Days are where you make your gains and they define you as a person.  If you can’t Rest for one day?  You have deeper issues than you could ever a imagine.  Gym Jones says it the best:

Work + Rest = TRAINING

Don’t Do The Work if You Don’t Have the BALLS to Rest

What we will be working on:

The CultFit Colectivo:  This is all about you and bringing us closer in a more intimate way.  When you join the Colectivo you become apart of a dedicated group of peeps who enjoy life more than pursuing “Participation Medals”.  Stay tuned for more …

The CultFit Memoria:  After 400+ posts our pure message has been diluted and beaten to death.  Seriously, how many times can you post about Being Authentic … Being You?  That’s what we thought!  Who knows … If you peeps behave during the Olympics?  Maybe we will pen an e-book for you to read?  Lord knows you can’t do anything without your precious little iPad thingy?!?


Writing helps bring us joy, period.   And our love of living  and helping others brings all of these influences into balance for us.  Part of the problem this morning is that we are at a crossroads here at CultFit HQ.

What does this mean for you (our dear readers)?  It all boils down to being true to who you are.  There is no right and wrong.  Just like there is no right or wrong road at our intersection.  Our posts are starting to feel like a pulled muscle …  We just need to feel which stretch allows us to tap into our inspiration and creativity the most.

This is not the end, far from it actually.  With your help we can continue to grow and spread our message of taking the time to RESPECT and LISTEN our bodies.  Go back and Re-Read this last message a million times until in sinks in … ENJOY!!!

12 Comments on “Life Is Not a Competition …”

  1. vgrandja says:

    Stopped me at two points: “Life isn’t a competition” ….it isn’t? That is news to me seeing people rushing here and there. I guess they need to speak to you first and SLOW DOWN!

    Second time stopped – pic from National Geographic. Looks like thunder with some strong wind. Nice!

  2. Garagegym107 says:

    At what point do we stop thinking 10 is best? Thanks for the food for thought again!

    • CultFit says:

      Like always I write with a broad brush stroke. XFit is in the news again with their “Make a 7 into a 10” bit. Which I find offensive and degrading to women. I know a bunch of one’s and two’s I’d rather workout with than … well another post maybe 😉
      As a coach and trainer all I ever hear is: Compete, Compete, compete. “How do I make my Son compete harder?” “How can I run faster?” So on and so forth …

      • likeablegirl says:

        If 10 is best, why do we always run around shouting ‘we’re #1!’ when we’re really happy about a win? Probably because ‘we’re #10’ doesn’t have the same ring to it – especially on a team that only has 2, 6, or 9 members. Just having a silly moment. Agreed – I know a few 10’s with 2 personalities. Ugly has nothing to do with externals.

  3. I suppose I should try doing more than just water aerobics. (low impact at that) I haven’t danced to the electric slide lately…I think I’ll go get out the cd 🙂

  4. trikatykid says:

    That photo of the cloud & the lightening bolt .. made me want my Mummy!!!

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