This is profoundly sad …

I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano; A stage where every man must play a part, And mine is a sad one-

This is so deeply sad we do not even know where to begin.  Jessica Ghawi was one of the people killed in cold blood last night while enjoying a show with friends.  Here is her last Blog Post.

Our thoughts and prayers to all families involved.

Hat Tip and for the entire story:

45 Comments on “This is profoundly sad …”

  1. Thank you for honoring her this way.

  2. garagegym107 says:

    Liking this in a way feels inappropriate, but it is not. You have eloquently presented the fact that we’ve lost another beautiful soul.

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  4. RunAWeigh says:

    This is so incredibly heart breaking.

  5. No words for this insanity. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Good of you to honor Ms. Ghawi this way. Another life lost to guns in the hands of the obviously insane.

  7. quhkah says:

    😦 It s sad… Life changes in some unexpected ways….

  8. This is all too sad for words.

  9. Tim says:

    She survived another shooting in Toronto only to be killed in Denver. The wold must have seemed like such a dark place to her in her final moments. It is sad that that was how her life ended. Her mom was in 20/20 last night talking about her and it had me nearly in tears (I don’t cry easily from TV interviews). My heart broke thinking about this poor woman talking about how her daughter lived such a full life.

  10. nisham says:

    It’s so heart wrenching, and it’s so hard to understand why. I guess all we can do is pray and be grateful for every moment we have.

  11. cioccolatoscuro says:

    Thanks for liking My Birthday Wishlist posts. Stay tuned for more :^)

  12. touchesby says:

    Thanks, I’d read that one person had only just survived gunfire elsewhere, and then ran into it here. I didn’t know who it was though.

    Next, I wanted to write “the world is becoming a weird place”, but then I stopped myself. Although it is hard to believe, the world is actually becoming a better place. The way we are connected now makes all the bad news come to us almost instantly, and it tends to bulldoze over the good news – which is not “news” – or the bad things that are not happening.

    We don’t even know on how many days someone might plan something sad and crazy like a similar shooting and then change his or her mind, maybe just because a stranger smiled at him or her.

    I am not even going to try and begin to understand why some people do things like that. It doesn’t make me angry, though, it makes me feel sad.

  13. sachemspeaks says:

    AHO (AMEN) Said as a prayer and
    remembering them all!

  14. mygreenprint says:

    I am going to be reblogging this today; thank you for sharing this story. I cannot imagine what this girl felt the days after this shooting, much less her terror inside the theater.

  15. l appreciate your post a lot.thank you for liking my

  16. jimmyandcha says:

    I read her blog about a month ago, and was happy that she was spared, then. This is so sad. I want to say a prayer for. She is a beautiful soul, and I pray that she went straight to heaven afterwards.

  17. Truly heart breaking. We don’t need guns in this world. They are designed for just one thing and that is to kill. God knows, we’ve become far too efficient in this. How many more will die before we change this?

  18. cioccolatoscuro says:

    Thanks for liking my page. My condolences to Jessica and her family :^(

  19. Im sorry to hear about this, prayers for her and her family. 😦


  20. This was a terrible tragedy…Nice way to honor her!!!

  21. Condolences to the family. There is no justification for something like this- absolutely incomprehensible.
    Thanks for liking my site.

  22. Rivenrod says:

    Hard to “Like” . . . sad is a stunted word for long hard emotions . . .


  23. Ian Gardner says:

    This may be hard to accept and harder still to understand but it is true that nothing ever happens that is not essentially positive no matter what we feel or think.
    Welcome to Challenging questions? may what you read there, and perhaps in my other writings, help you understand the purpose of all that happens – the very purpose of life – without the need for “religion”.

  24. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on OyiaBrown.

  25. What a touching story. Thai is a beautiful honor to her. Love and blessings to her family and may they be able to find peace within this horrible experience.

  26. How incredibly sad that she avoided one tragedy … only to become a victim in another. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

  27. eof737 says:

    May she rest in peace… so terribly tragic.

  28. Wildlily says:

    So very, very sad to die so needlessly at such a young age. Our prayers are with her friends and family.

  29. Thanks for dropping by.
    Mr X

  30. chemocurls says:

    So, so sad. Thanks for sharing. God bless. Connie

  31. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    Thank you for liking my quote.Wishing you joyous season of holidays.Jalal

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  33. This is so hard to even take in and comprehend. To be spared and then later taken so violently. My heart goes out to her family and friends and prayers for all.

  34. NOAEfame says:

    thank you for liking my post. After reading your post, I find joy in reading, and learning from people like you.

    • CultFit says:

      Hi! Thank you for stopping over to have a look around. You are more than welcome to kick off your shoes to stay awhile. 🙂
      Be inspired today and please take care.

  35. mtnlady68 says:

    Thanks for sharing such a touching story. Lets us know people still care.

  36. Rebecca says:

    Yes, it is hard to “like” such a post.I believe I heard about this when it happened. Thank you for liking my post “When hope is gone”.

  37. bdsbrown1 says:

    Thank you for the follow! Enjoy ~simplydaisies

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