Maybe It’s His Fault

Hard work, passion, drive.  Showing up every day even when you don’t
feel like showing up.  Because I know, from experience, that when I
don’t feel like peeling myself off the couch, it’s the best time to do
it.  I always, and I mean always, feel better after that workout.
It’s usually one of my more memorable workouts, too.

Living out here in the country gets a little lonely.  Between work,
family and commitments, there’s not a lot of time for friends.  And
because I’m a healthcare provider in a small town, I can’t readily
make friends.  Patients make poor friends and vice versa.  It’s hard
to convince folks to drive for 45 minutes to the country for some type
of combative training.  And most of the time, I’m teaching them some
patty-cake drill, not making myself any better or challenging me.

But I refuse to let my skills deteriorate.  My mind is a powerful
thing and I find myself fighting in my mind – Kung-Fu style.  I battle
the pavement.  I battle the heavy bag.  I battle the keyboard as I
type this.  I battle the voices in my head that still think they have
something to say.

Maybe it’s all Michael Jordan’s fault.  Or maybe I’m just making excuses.


**Thank you once again for CTK stopping on over to have a spot of tea!  Be sure to check out His Dark Side today as he has a really cool interview that’s well worth reading.**

26 Comments on “Maybe It’s His Fault”

  1. Hi there, don’t fret. Just keep up the good work and be true to yourself 🙂

  2. Osman K says:

    This is an awesome post, thank you.

  3. Somer says:

    Yes, It’s tough to get your butt off the couch sometimes, but it always pays off! Sorry you are feeling lonely 😦 We can be blogging buddies (insert, no I’m not a stalker, and yes, I understand it’s not the same thing as a real buddy, but I have made some great blogging friends)!

  4. Tara Woodruff ~ The Challenge says:


  5. saralitardo says:

    Love this! Gives me chills!!!

  6. vgrandja says:

    Everyone has a bad day…good to see you’re going on with the everyday and especially with physical fitness.

  7. shannonjoe says:

    This afternoon I finally turned off the computer and headed out for a run. So glad I did! What a great feeling to have run 3 miles!! 🙂


  8. Somethime you have to just wake up and do it.. at the end you will be feeling even better…!! Very good…

  9. garagegym107 says:

    I always seem to be at a loss of words when I come over here to your site and drink my fill. As usual… Love this are the words that come to mind. Thanks for the mojo. M~

  10. sharonb0087 says:

    Thank you. I’ve not seen that clip before. That & your post have just made me think about how many excuses I make. can’t say it’ll change overnight, but can say at least I’m aware & will take action.

  11. JennyO says:

    Thanks for the reminder, and I know how you feel we live in our neighborhood of military folks we work with its hard to mix.

  12. chopnchat says:

    This is the part of striving to be your best that you get: it is not always easy. Sometimes it is lonely, painful, imperfect…and yet…we push on, don’t we? We are about action, not excuses, about passion not pacification. I like to think of that as a modern warrior of sorts. Fight on, CultFit, fight on.

  13. spiritblack says:

    That is so true!

  14. reneeboomer says:

    Good for you! Fitness is so important and a great stress reliever. Have a great day. 🙂 Renee

  15. cioccolatoscuro says:

    Thanks for liking my page!

  16. cioccolatoscuro says:

    Thanks for liking “Magic Monday”. Stay tuned for more :^). BTW, cool post!

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