Thursday 5 April 2012

Breakfasts come and go Renee, but Hartford? The Whale? They beat Vancouver maybe once or twice in a lifetime-

***A beer to the first peep who can name what we are really excited about (No homo)**

It’s Thursday once again and you all know what that means!  Put your caption spectacles on and give this one a go:

The Plan-

Embrace your inner self and become comfy in your own skin:

Keith Apicary…You Rock!!!

The Workout-

Rest Day or if you happen to live in your parent’s basement:

Dear God the world really is going to hell!!!


Please take a moment today to pay yourself first and realize all the hard work you have been doing is not going without notice…REST!!!  Be safe and no matter what the season may be, ENJOY!!!

8 Comments on “Thursday 5 April 2012”

  1. turbocandy says:

    You’re talking about the wicked hartford whalers shirt in the photo! And Go nucks Go! Can’t wait for the playoffs!!

  2. Bugg says:

    No caption, just amazed that someone could look so happy whilst running :p

  3. Billie Jean says:

    Hey, it’s Bugs and Daffy! Love them.

  4. AlyssTG says:

    Nothing wrong with a rest day!

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