Wednesday 21 March 2012

Remember, you’re as good as the best thing you’ve ever done-

**we are painting with a broad brush stroke today so you may want to put on your Random Fitness spectacles to read today’s post**

Today’s sign of the Apocalypse:

Sad thing is dear reader:  We received over 650+ emails yesterday defending the “Girlfriend” picture…Chew on that for a moment.

How many times do you encounter the following streams of mind cluttering rubbish during the day?  Do this not that, try this it worked for me, that’s too much, you are doing way too little in your life.  Don’t worry: 98.7% of our posts are not like the ones you read every so often…We do need to have a chat about happiness today though.  We spoke about vanity some time ago, so if you are “vain” click away now.  Not long after that we wrote about: Beating yourself up to run a 4 hr marathon, if that’s you click away.  We tend to stay away from diet due to the fact its uniquely personal, if you feel your diet is superior?  Click away now…Love and happiness today.  “Should we not also talk about Santosha?”  Hmm, good point!  Hell lets toss it in here as well…a nice frothy mix of love, happiness and contentment!

Wise man once said “There are two kinds of unhappiness”

1. Not getting what you want.
2. Getting what you want.

(Big High-Five to the peep who can name that “Man”)

Whew, where were we?  There are many, many different directions to take this conversation today although let’s agree now on one guiding principle: You alone are complete.  How many times during the day do you click the “Like” button adding a bit more confusion to your daily intake?  That’s what we feared…Do any of these sound familiar as you look in the steamy mirror this morning?  Restless dissatisfaction, Pressure to be exceptional, Unrealistic achievement (Yup that’s you Mr. 4+hr marathon dude!), Feelings of superiority or inferiority, or both, Excessive fears of being humiliated, Obsessive self-focus.

Without going on or another 1000+ words…Please take away after reading this kind morning: That caring, being happy in your body and a sense of humility go a long way.

Please, honestly take a moment to read this sometime today:  Are We as Bad as the Worst Thing We’ve Done?

We’re not the experts here, remember?

The Plan-

The Real March Madness kicks off this weekend not the water downed invite everyone to the show crap you have been watching for the past week!  Rule out the teams from Michigan to win solely on principle.  Let’s take our eyes out east for a moment to Union College and Cornell: True institutes of higher education!  What a majestic State New York is!  Honestly, any other team could win as long as it’s not Michigan, Western Michigan, Michigan State or any state that borders Michigan!!!

That completes our D1 Hockey coverage for the year, thanks for reading.

The Workout-

Warm Up until you have developed a nice lather…followed by an old favorite of ours here:

Hollow Rocks…30 minutes or so worth!  Yeah that really is The Workout today…Either you will feel horribly uncomfortable later in the day or you will feel quite fine and dandy?  One thing is for certain:  You just don’t flop on the floor and do these peeps!  It’s a gentle process of small muscle recruitment and activation…4 Peeps reading know why this is important?  Are you one of them?


We are going to be updating the links stuff here soon.  If you have any solid-proven-goal oriented program links you would like to add by all means pipe up and send them in!  The program today is a killer, no joking about it!  Be safe and ENJOY!!!

4 Comments on “Wednesday 21 March 2012”

  1. Katrina says:

    I’m truly concerned over the number of people defending the “cheat on your girlfriend not your workout” REALLY??? I’m sorry I think the world is going to… oh well, no one really ask me did they, love the post, and your take on all this. Thanks.

    • CultFit says:

      Thanks, it is sad. While trying not to take the moral high ground “easy argument” stance here…Ughh it strikes a nerve, let’s just leave it at that shale we?
      Take care and be healthy!

  2. This could be my favorite workout you guys have posted.

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