Friday 10 February 2012

Men should be what they seem; Or those that be not, would they might seem none!-

Recently our crack Webz Support staff compiled some useful numbers and provided us with the following juicy details:

7395 Peeps daily visit us with a smile on their face (gotta learn to turn the web-cam thingy off readers).

1% of these visitors stop on by here at CultFit HQ due to the increase in popularity of X-Fit and whatnot.  That’s cool, as we still have a few horses that run in the X-Fit race.  Although as part of our therapy for people who are completely self-absorbed and are going to do whatever they choose no matter what?  We present you with the X-Fit LvL 1 Cheat Sheet:

If you study the image above there is no way to fail the test.  We promise this is the last time we talk about “Those People”…

The Plan-

We love getting emails from you, our dear readers!  Especially ones where a position is thought out and makes us pause for a moment.

Brother Daniel writes:  “love the site and the different take on things you guys provide.  A couple quick questions:  Why the random assortment of links and do you really have to go on and on about the same things almost weekly?  I have only been reading since January of this year so please take it into consideration…”

Thank you, hope this answer helps:  The links provided here on the side were sent in by readers like you who found them to be very useful.  We weed out the junk and have tested each program you see and they work!

This blog-o-sphere thing is a running dialog between us and all of you reading in the bath.  It’s nuanced and wide ranging…The path we take is mostly up to you?!?

The Workout-

This is odd occurrence today at CultFit HQ mainly due to the fact that the dude who normally provides our Random Workout guidance had articular cartilage (knee) micro-fracture surgery yesterday.  So on that note, we empower you to look inward and do something you truly love and enjoy today:

Isn’t it always nice to start the day watching the sun rise and end the day reading a book about the stars with a loved one?

Play with the kids, Go for a walk, Dinner/Lunch with friends basically anything that puts a SMILE on your face.

There is so much more to life than killing yourself during a program and punishing every fiber in your body for trivial purposes daily.


Homework for the weekend is to read THIS ARTICLE.

Where do you stand?  Technically is all food not genetically modified?  Just as in yoga/pilates/X-Fit and many others, do we merely shop at Whole Foods for the outward appearance it projects?  Take note:  Easy stances and clichéd answers are invalid!    Have fun this weekend and most importantly, ENJOY!!!

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