: Sunshine : On a Cloudy Day

I think the only way to get through this life is laughing hard and constantly, mostly at myself-

A dear friend of mine passed away yesterday. At the age of 12 I was introduced to Tom Magliozzi and the popular NPR show “Car Talk” In my fathers garage every Saturday morning. Work in my Fathers garage was hard at times, and one thing that always brought an air of levity to the moment was Tom’s laugh. It didn’t matter what we were doing at the time, Tom’s iconic laugh was always the perfect cure, and it still is. Over the years I tuned in and out of Car Talk, never straying very far from I have grown to love and cherish. I’m glowing, and crying right now recalling a few moments in my life listening to Car Talk Listening to the podcast with my Son growing up in England. Working on our own vehicles mils away from home, not knowing what the hell I was doing but having fun and laughing at the same time! The best part, is that my Son and I still listen to Tom and Ray each Saturday morning at 9 am. This Saturday though, in Tom’s honor and at Tom and Ray’s mothers displeasure  I’ll be lighting up a Cuban cigar in your honor dear friend, may you rest in peace.

To read a wonderful article about Tom please click HERE


photo courtesy of Car Talk

: Big Cocoon :

The parts of me that used to think I was different or smarter or whatever, almost made me die-

Nineteen powerful words by David Foster Wallace that truly defined who I used to be.

Last night, while making pizza with my Son, I missed an entire meaningful conversation about the new Star Wars movie he was trying to have with me. I was completely tuned out, and not because I was engrossed in making pizza and snacking on tortilla chips, but because I was engrossed in a NPR news story being played through a small speaker attached to my gadget-thing.

Side Note: Men reading this morning, and ladies alike – because as cunning and sly as you may be I enjoy taking an extra-long time in the bathroom with my iThingy, I use my small arsenal of “mindless” apps as a means to escape the stress and chaos that often seems to accompany me throughout the day.

These periods of mindless isolation normally do not last very long, usually until one leg falls asleep or NPR news starts getting all high-minded and political while preparing dinner. I genuinely welcome these temporary escapes from the daily grind, although, how much is too much? Honestly, I don’t have an answer to give you and I’d be surprised if anyone else does either.

Daily Meditation:

Perhaps, maybe, it would be ideal if we reintroduced “intention” and “purpose” to our gadget use, even during the times when we are not using them. How cool would it be if we motivated each other to unplug at a time we are normally plugged in? Raise your hand if you are on your gadget minutes after finishing yoga class, in the restroom or making dinner?!? – notice my hands waving in the breeze –  Just imagine the new sounds, the new encounters that awaken when we expose our true selves, to the very real world we call home 

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