Self : Portrait :

Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world-

It’s nearly Thanksgiving once again, a time of year to pause, to reflect and connect with loved ones, new friends (or anyone else …) who share a significant role in our lives.

This morning I am writing to include everyone. Something truly magical has happened since I started blogging four years ago: I have moved closer to feeling more a part of this beautiful world through other lives that touch mine, whether they be family, friends A random person before yoga class or a bike race here in the Midwest and many other kind, passionate folks who care for my body and spirit. It’s a fleeting conversation with a compassionate barista early one cold morning, the kindness of strangers that continually influence me, fellow bloggers whose words affect me deeply, the bountiful wonders that nature graciously offers us every day. All these “things“, that I once took for granted, fill me with the gratitude of being alive and part of something much larger than myself.

Speaking of which, Cranksgiving this past Saturday was simply awesome! One hundred plus pounds of goods were gathered up and donated to our local food bank, all on bike!

Daily Meditation:

Be kind to yourself friends And be kind to someone else each and every day.

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: Cranks : Giving

You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving-

Please join me tomorrow – November 22nd – at 11a.m. @ Omaha Bike Co. for Cranksgiving!!! What in the world is Cranksgiving?!? Its one part bike ride, part scavenger hunt, and most importantly – part food drive. You’ll need to dust off your bike, gather up a few bags, a bike lock and about $15-$20 to buy the food, which in turn goes to the Food Bank for the Heartland. A classic win-win situation if you ask me!

Not in our fair city, Omaha, Nebraska this Saturday?!? No problem! There may be a Cranksgiving in your neck of the woods! 

Come on out and remember – First cup of coffee – tea – whatever is on me!

Daily Meditation:

Just in time for the Holidays – Limited Edition :CultFit: Holiday Tops!

These shirts are pretty cool and will come in handy when its time to stuff a few stockings, wiping down your yoga mat after class or cleaning up around the house. No matter how you choose to “use” them – All proceeds will be delivered by yours truly, to the Food Bank for the Heartland.

CultFit Cranks