The End of This Year

The best place to be is here,
at home, the two of us, while

others ski or eat out. It will be
quiet. We won’t watch the ball

fall, the crowd in Times Square.
They will celebrate while here

there is this night. Tomorrow
some will start over, or vow

to stop something; maybe try
again. Here the snow will

fall through the light over
the back door and gather

on the steps. We will hope
our daughter will be safe.

She will wonder what
the year will bring. Maybe

we will say a prayer.

Jack Ridl

CultFit End

13 Comments on “The End of This Year”

  1. powerful words married with a stunning image. Thanks for sharing this. My best to you in 2015… May the words flow freely…

  2. Blessings and Safety to you and yours! I would rather do what you are doing, and other than a visiting a friend’s home tonight early for her birthday, we will be home – enjoying the solitude of the present moment. I think of my 3 boys, one who is planning on putting himself in danger tonight and my stomach does not feel good about it. He is 20, and I have little to control other than to say that it is his life. It’s hard to allow life to happen on life’s terms. I pray that everyone remains safe.
    Peace, Joy, Abundance, and Blessings to All.

  3. ckrupski says:

    We will be enjoying the holiday very simply also. All the best to you in 2015. Thank you for sharing!

  4. katelon says:

    Sending on love and blessings for a beautiful New Year. I believe it will be a New Year to remember forever more as the time the light finally won, Love won, and we will be dazzled by the new opportunities and magic all around.

  5. lolsy254 says:

    Beautiful words and a happy new year to you =D

  6. Nice warm sentiments–joyous New Year to you.

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