Sinister : Rogue :

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana-

Often, in our self-absorbed naiveté, we believe time to be infinite in nature. Oddly enough, time as we are experiencing it, right now in this wonderful moment Is the one “thing” in our lives of which we can be absolutely certain of (I am deeply grateful for you being here with me right now). Why then, do we insist on spending our precious time consumed with how many followers we have on WordPress, or perusing the latest “Likes” on FaceTube, rather than being engaged in our lives?

The past few weeks I have been paying more attention to the virtual world, instead of the real world. Rather than being fully engaged in the fleeting moments before me, moments that, for their own nuanced reasons, are even more precious than most. A none too subtle slap upside my head brought me back in time, and this abrupt moment prompted me to begin thinking about just how much distraction we volunteer for on a daily basis, and how much it impacts what we have come to consider “meaningful” in our lives.

The end result of my introspection is a simple question I often fail to ask when I’m distracted – “What’s important in this beautiful moment?!?

The scrambled priority of our lives keeps us from savoring each sip of our morning coffee, or enjoying conversation with a dear friend, or going for an early ride/walk/hike and enjoying the sun rising gently on the horizon.

Daily Meditation:

The view that we no longer notice.

CultFit Rogue



7 Comments on “Sinister : Rogue :”

  1. earthzenmama says:

    Thank you. You wrote what my mind has been trying to tell me for awhile. Namaste.

  2. earthzenmama says:

    Reblogged this on Earth Zen Mama and commented:
    CultFit made a very important point on their blog today. We need to spend more time involved in life outside of technology and live in nature’s moment.

  3. Slayer says:

    Very good.

    And to answer your second question: Nothing and Everything. Possibly.

  4. CurvyElvie aka Elvira Jorge says:

    It’s so easy for us to forget what is really important. Thanks for the reminder.

    • CultFit says:

      … And thank you for stopping over and hanging out 🙂
      This is an important message to me personally and I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one wandering around in this beautiful world at times … My face aglow from the gadget in my hand.

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