Easy to – Miss –

With no expectations anything can become-

Life, struggle, disappointment. Hardship, pain and constant misfortune – What would our lives stories be without sharing the unpolished side of life?

Why do I want to discuss these less then “glamorous” topics a day before Thanksgiving? There are a multitude of reasons as to why, just a few off the top of my head: Remember that New Years resolution that went haywire by the 5th of January? Maybe it was a string of poor race performances over the summer? Thanksgiving is but one day of the year when we awkwardly engage family and friends, acting as though all is fine and dandy in the world When clearly things are not?!?

We are all human (I think), and humans are by definition are imperfect beings. Every one of us (myself included), disappoint(s) someone at some time or another during the day, the calendar year and throughout our inspiring lives. This Thanksgiving and Holiday season, lets talk openly about our struggles. Lets deepen our capacity to love and connect with our fellow “creatures“.

Daily Meditation:

Be kind to yourself – Soothe your worries with grace and compassion, authentic conversation is food for the soul.

CultFit Dissed

9 Comments on “Easy to – Miss –”

  1. Joy says:

    Authentic conversation is food for the soul. I believe that 100%. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    • CultFit says:

      Happy belated Thanksgiving 😉 Unplugging for Thanksgiving does not necessarily mean you eat any less – Goodness I’m still stuffed 🙂
      Hope you guys have a beautiful weekend, take care!

  2. Amelie says:

    “Be kind to yourself” – that IS something a lot of us struggle with, isn’t it? Thanks for this post.

    • CultFit says:

      … I know that I struggle to be kind to myself on almost a daily basis – Its not easy, although when I pause and catch myself, maybe during a ride or yoga class? Awareness can bring about meaningful change 🙂 Being a stubborn dude on another hand presents a different set of challenges …
      Thank you for your kind words – Take care!

  3. sara says:

    Authentic conversation…if there’s another type, I don’t want to have it!

    • CultFit says:

      Neither do I … And I believe you know what I am hinting at here: The tired and cliched “conversations” where we merely kick the proverbial bucket down the road. Work – Life and Family are great – Gotcha! What about the other areas of your life and mine as well?! 😉

  4. Elvira Jorge says:

    This was so sad and beautiful.

    • CultFit says:

      … I know its immensely difficult to share the “dark side” of our lives, being “that person” at a Christmas party – Sucking the joy out of the Holidays and the atmosphere in the room. I’m going to extremes here to make, what I feel to be a deeply felt point: Its ok to be open and honest with yourself. We need to meet ourselves here in these vulnerable moments is life 🙂

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