Vengeance by Proxy

A modern definition of equanimity: cool. This refers to one whose mind remains stable & calm in all situations-

Raise your hand if you have ever talked to yourself, or better yet, talked to yourself in the third person during a difficult or trying time in your life. Don’t be shy now – I have two hands waving in the air if that matters?!?

Breathing, positive self talk, calmness, evenness of mind – Chill. The gentle sway of a budding birch tree, daffodils and crocuses awaking underfoot, sharing a smile with a complete stranger as you spin or run on by All the while talking to yourself, coaching yourself, through a difficult set of experiences.

When talking to myself in the third person I normally recite something like this: “Dude, keep cool, this equanimity stuff? Is pretty damn important! Chill Breathe Relax the back of your throat Eyes forward, Heart Open! Take another deep breath Breathe Equanimity is key  Zip it up – You got this!.”

Daily Meditation:

Here I am, some random dude on the inter-webz, openly telling you that I talk to myself – all of the damn time! And who cares if you do the very same! When we are unable to walk – spin – run calmly away from a “situation“? Remember: This equanimity stuff? Is pretty damn important!

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16 Comments on “Vengeance by Proxy”

  1. PlanetPeaky says:

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, and also for the follow *smile* And I like your words and approach to life in your above post there very much 🙂

  2. katelon says:

    I often doing spiritual healing work while I’m walking, whether it is personal healing, or planetary healing and yep, talking outloud to myself, to the spirits working with me, to the energies 🙂

  3. You are not alone. When I find myself about to flip my wig I tell myself, “Time out! Time out! Don’t flip out! Breathe! Walk away. Take a break.”

    • CultFit says:

      Part of the post I cut out, was that through being a positive coach to ourselves, we can open a lot of doors we may have slammed shut in the past due to negative self talk. This goes well beyond any physical activity we choose to engage in – heck – opening a jar of peanut butter can be hard enough at times … And who wants to beat themselves up doing that?!? 😉

  4. bgddyjim says:

    Brother, I have a whole committee that I talk to in melon. Third person? Try eighth! Woohoo!

    • CultFit says:

      Ha! Same here – I cut out a fair portion of the post discussing self coaching, and how much we can gain competitively by keeping our spirits up when the going gets tough.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Hey, you can tie the coaching in with the melon committee! Think of all we can get done with all eight working together. Now THERE’S a self-help book right there!

        Write it brother, because if you don’t I will. 😉

  5. michelle says:

    All the cool kids talk to themselves. 🙂

  6. There are people that don’t talk to themselves? 😉 I think there’s a difference between talking to yourself and learning to coach yourself. I used to do a lot of talking to myself that wasn’t very helpful or productive, then I learned to start most of my internal dialogue with “C’mon Cynthia. You’ve got this, just find the right key.” (I visualize unlocking doors to better efforts a lot.) When an effort is going particularly crappy – or I don’t want to do something – my most useful dialogue is “You don’t like doing this b/c you don’t feel like you’re good at it. You don’t feel like you’re good at it b/c you haven’t practiced enough. Keep practicing. Change the way you feel.”

    If you aren’t coaching yourself – being in that moment with yourself – then you’re on the sidelines. Bystanders talk amongst themselves. Coaches get into the game with the players.

  7. binvested says:

    I flat out talk to myself out loud. Thankfully, I live alone so no one hears me. Something about saying *it* out loud…it becomes real…I AM. As always, thankyou for sharing the scary stuff:))

  8. […] Wednesday I wrote a post discussing self-talk. A post in which I trimmed a major theme out, primarily because […]

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