Ambitiose sed Ineptim

Please don’t preach at me—I feel bad enough already-

As anyone who strives to share wisdom and knowledge with others—how often do we command others without first ensuring our own understanding, without first eradicating our own insecurities and tension(s)?

How many of us can honestly answer yes to the following question: Have I done the work that I’m asking this person to do?  And more importantly: Am I myself, able to go where they want to go?

No one is perfect, and in fact, our limitations often open the door to understanding and compassion, as well as to the ability to overcome the very faulty practices and beliefs that we are currently dealing with. Although in order to share the wisdom of these past lessons, we have to actually learn these lessons. We have to transcended the obstacles, not merely recognize that they exist.

Daily Meditation:

We can’t rest on our laurels of intention, we must be willing, and able, to be the example

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6 Comments on “Ambitiose sed Ineptim”

  1. I have airways told my son not to ask people to do things he is not willing to do himself. It’s easy to ask of others, but it’s not easy to ask yourself if you would do the thing you are asking others to do in your stead.

  2. Maia says:

    Such a strong title. I laughed when I translated it. xp

    Many of us sit on our words. And that’s as far as most can do to act on them. They have the strength of speech; but such wimps to walk the path. It is actually a sad fate compared to the person hearing the words – because the person hearing the words, though have failed, has walked his path. =)

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