Door, Propped – Wide Open

Good resolutions are like babies crying in church. They should be carried out immediately-

If this is your first time visiting CultFit? Welcome and I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit. If you came in search of some prophetic wisdom pertaining to life, yoga, mediation and whatever else tickles your fancy? Don’t let the door slam your tush as you scurry away

Wanting to be a super flexible yogi and actually being a super flexible yogi are two entirely different “things“. After a restless nights sleep, a twenty-five minute drive to the studio, biting morning temperatures and sitting on a frozen yoga mat (Top Tip: Bring your mat in the house …), morning yoga practice is the last thing I feel like doing. Although, on these days when I’ve given up and decided to cut myself a break to head to Dunkin Donuts instead of having a frozen tush? Leaves me feeling restless and anxiousinstead of feeling centered and energized. I find myself being uncomfortable at work, daydreaming about some exotic, yoga beachfront retreat somewhere in Mexico-Land as I continue making bullshit promises to myself that I’ll practice when I get home, with little to no chance of ever getting played out.

I know my heart would feel calmer and more fulfilled if I went, if I merely had the drive to simply show up and stop making lame ass excuses 

So here I am at work, having to microwave my coffee because its cold now, trying to relax, while simultaneously pushing the thoughts of being a bum further back into my mind. I need time to think and reflect this morning. There just has to be a path, an avenue, where I can drift, and break free from the must-dos, appearing to look busy and productive.

Daily Meditation:

A text appears on my phone, a few streaks of coffee racing down the side of my stained Kahlua coffee cup, a thought appears in my mind  Smile, open the door gently and go for a walk.

CultFit Walk

4 Comments on “Door, Propped – Wide Open”

  1. Joy Held's Writer Wellness Blog says:

    Reblogged this on Joy Held's Writer Wellness and commented:
    Good tip on keeping your yoga mat warm! Enjoy. jh

  2. I like the last thought best. 🙂

  3. Maia says:

    On a side note, your photo looks like our sidewalks here… just sayin’ 😉

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