True Eyes

If I can see pain in your eyes then share with me your tears. If I can see joy in your eyes then share with me your smile-

Contemplating a post from last week …

Why doesn’t this school bus hurry up and get the out of my way!?!

I used to utter the above words driving home from work, almost on a daily basis, years ago. What is standing in your way this morning? Soccer moms dropping their kids off at school? Cyber Monday deals overwhelming you? Maybe its unrelenting impatience, an addiction to “distraction“.

Maybe it’s just you? You, without a clear sense of center or balance. You, who unwittingly invites and creates chaos in your life.

At one point during the bhagavad gita, Arjuna asks to see Krishna’s true face. Arjuna is treated with a vision and myriad forms of the deity, ranging from the average (albeit beatific in a bright blue hue) form of Krishna, to the thousand faced god who is creator, maintainer, destroyer and “some” other things. Arjuna becomes terrified at this and pleads with Krishna to return to what is Arjuna’s “normal”.

This moment brilliantly captures the metaphor and experience(s) of looking inside ourselves. Arjuna is, in part, looking at his own reflection. By looking deep inside ourselves, we are able to see with clear vision all that we are, for good or ill By contrast and reflection, all that we can be. This is the setting aside of self-deception to see our own personal truth.

Daily Meditation:

Witnessing the truth of the self is a doorway to freedom Allow me to hold the door for you

CultFit Chill

3 Comments on “True Eyes”

  1. Maia says:

    Are you still holding the door??

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