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I picked up a new language a few months ago. It was just laying on the ground, dirty, so I scooped it up and popped it in my mouth

On Wednesday I wrote a post discussing self-talk. A post in which I trimmed a major theme out, primarily because it was aimed at self coaching for athletes and dare I say – ultra competitive folks. One of the issues I struggle with, daily – having once been über-competitive, is introducing mindfulness, awareness, compassion and self-love as important tool(s) to reaching your full potential, in whatever you choose to do.

I would like to thank A Somewhat Likable Girl and Fit Recovery for twisting my arm a little bit! I’m not one to back down from an opinion, although when it comes to doling out advice? I like to tread lightly, for each of us are truly unique and special, and I mean “special“. Warning: A healthy dose of self-serving advice and bloated opinions lie ahead ….

The portion I edited out

It amazes me how much time, effort, and money we pour into training for “whatever“. Thinking that better equipment and shoes will help us break through the ultra marathon wall, typically at mile 43.5. Cyclist, obsess over saving a few grams, for what? Four meager grams will not help your torrid pace near the finish. Yoga folks … Fabulous new pants and a see through crop top will not help you hold a pose longer – That’s the truth!

How does this tie into finding equanimity, self-talk, mindfulness etc.? We are keenly aware that competing and training, aerobic exercise, yoga and lifting weights are effective ways to relinquish the anger and frustration that can fester when we “Zip it Up” rather than fully expressing ourselves in the moment. Physical activity and competing can be a pathway to equanimity, like any type of meditation. Although, I feel we are missing out on the best part.

During competition, yoga – brutally honest moment: I have seen more people comparing and competing in yoga class than at the start of CAT 1 Crit. A topic for another day More so than letting out aggression and relieving stress. Positive self-talk and personal coaching allows us to deconstruct the elements of what happened, let’s our aggression escape the moment, allowing us to resolve conflicts in a magnanimous way.

For those of you reading who may not know – I fully have surrendered to myself and embrace ahiṃsā. <- This is where I stopped, before a long-winded rant ensued.

Daily Meditation:

What in the world am I talking about? Remember who you are, that’s it. Remember that you a special person doing something you love to do, but please keep in mind that YOU are not the ACTIVITY. Positive self-talk and coaching affords us the time to reconnect with our humanness. WE are not our GOAL(s), no matter how important they are to you. I’m pleading with you not to lose this perspective. Instead, cultivate it within your self coaching, self-talk and whatever. Having goals and competing can make us pretty damn cool, but not as cool as the all-encompassing, creative and mysterious universe to which we already belong. Knowing your true self in this crazy world assures you of finding serenity, even at four in the morning, rain pouring down, butterflies in your quivering stomach Mile maker 43 cannot come soon enough!

Be well this weekend and please take care.

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People really need help but may attack you if you do help them. Help people anyway-

I have perseverated on this blog post for weeks. There are at least 15 drafts of it. I can’t put my finger on why it’s been so hard for me to finish and click *publish*. In essence this is really a simple post:

I value kindness

Being kind functions as a mindfulness action for me personally, kindness after all is my daily meditation whilst enjoy an apple during a cool afternoon walk. If I can take but a tiny step away from the emotion(s) of the moment and see myself separate from the world spinning around me, only then in this tender moment, do I embrace the chance to act in my best interest, and not just reacting.

To be kind. To forgo the thrill of the harsh joke, making fun, judging and taking advantage of others, reveling in the ensuing laugh in favor of kindness.

Or maybe the reason I was reluctant to open my heart to you was because those of you who follow my blog or know me in real life, know how far short of kindness, I repeatedly trip and falldaily. Kindness is as subtle as a leaf underfoot, so easily forgotten and trampled

And I lack subtlety.

Daily Kindness Meditation:

To bring into your heart …

If you can, help and serve others, but if you can’t at least don’t harm them; then in the end you will feel no regret.”

Dalai Lama

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